You have the power to defeat cancer


  • A healthier lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer
  • In UK 147,000 cases of cancer can be avoided yearly


Cutting down on smoking, limiting alcoholic drinks, and having healthier food habits could heavily reduce the risk of developing cancer. These few changes can have a revolutionary impact on the health of individuals, it is estimated that 147,000 cases in the UK could be avoided if the individuals accept a healthier approach and maintain an active lifestyle.

Other major factors that can contribute to cutting down the cancer cells are, avoiding red meat, being at distance from processed meat, developing a better skincare routine, avoiding too much sun and breastfeeding infants whenever possible. Whenever people hear the word cancer, they suddenly have a preconceived notion that it is something inevitable and unavoidable. However, it is proved that nearly 50% of all cancers could be prevented.

We can change the narratives, and take in power in your hand so you can feel powered to make healthier choices and fight a war to avoid cancer rather than feeling weak and powerless about cancer and waiting for the destination as an inevitable part of the future. Although this is easier said than done because most of our surrounding is filled with unhealthy food, which can be very appealing to our generation thus making healthy eating a huge challenge.

The government can have a stronghold on making this possible, they would need to regulate the flurry of junk food advertisements during the prime TV slot, and make sure all the citizens are aware and well informed of the benefits of healthy eating.