World Conference on Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Control in Dubai on March 19-20, 2020


  • Infectious disease diagnosis market has a scope to grow at 9.42% CAGR by 2023
  • This conference will be a platform to interact with the medical experts in the field

The 15th world conference on Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Control will be held in Dubai, UAE on March 19-20, 2020. This conference will provide insights into the concealed diagnosis of controlling infections. Eminent speakers form the medical field will be giving relevant information through various detailed sessions on subjects like Infection treatment and control, Vaccine research and development, Neurological diseases, Antimicrobial Drug Resistance (AMR), Pathogenic Infections, Blood infections, Infections during diabetes.

Bacterial and viral Infectious diseases session will also be a significant aspect for discussion as the outbreak of deadly coronavirus is a relevant and a serious concern. Medical experts, microbiologists, virologists, neurologists, pharmacists, cardiologists, pharma and medical companies, researchers, students, dermatologists from all over the world will be attending the conference.

The market for diagnostics on infectious diseases will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.42% according to sources.   Infectious diseases pose a threat to humanity as the global challenge to find cures and vaccines always gives a way to innovative research thereby improving the quality of human life. In the wake of the           bio-economy today, antibiotic resistance through gut biota, preventing lifestyle diseases, also improving the crop quality to sustain extreme climate change are a few aspects which are being consistently worked on to get desired results.