Without consulting Canada’s drug firms, Colorado’s plan of importing prescription drugs could create trouble

The officials of Colorado were charged with one of the first state programs of the nation for importing inexpensive prescription drugs from Canada. This announcement was made by the Secretary of United States Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, and seemed like a piece of good news.

Not only was the administration of Trump altering course after being skeptical at the beginning of such import-related schemes, but it seemed confident in giving its blessing to programs under development in Colorado, as well as, states.

Azar passed a statement which said that the American President has been clear: since so long the patients of America have been charged with excessively high prices for prescription drugs which in other countries are made available at comparatively lower prices.

However, the officials in Canada immediately stated that they were not being consulted regarding the announcement by the administration and were not sure of efforts made by America of diverting Canadian drugs. Currently, Colorado’s plan is facing challenges and it is being questioned whether it will be able to deliver on its promise or not.

A bill was passed by the lawmaker at the state Capitol, as a part of a notable session for striving health care reforms, to set up a program for importing certain prescription drugs from Canada. Earlier this month, a statement was passed by Governor Jared Polis who termed the plan as the ‘key parts; of his roadmap of health care. He added that they are done being torn off.

Officials who are working on the state’s plan at the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing refused to review and keep a check on whether the rumblings from Canada represent serious matters to be taken care of.