Winter skin care

Winter brings along a pleasant climate, with no sweat or heat. We welcome winter with open arms, however the one thing that we often forget is – What is our winter skincare strategy?


Cold weather and low humidity levels conspire to leave skin feeling tight and dehydrated as the dry air saps moisture from it. If left untreated, this causes the skin to crack and bleed. 


Below are few tips which will go hand in hand with the season. 


WASH IN LUKEWARM WATER: While hot baths and showers feel great in the cold, if you can stand lukewarm water, particularly when just washing your hands, you’ll be better off. Lukewarm water avoids stripping oils from your skin.


MOISTURIZE IMMEDIATELY: Don’t wait to apply moisturizer every time after you wash. Applying moisturizer to damp skin helps to seal in extra moisture.


SUNSCREEN: Protect your exposed skin with scarves and gloves and use sunscreen. Sunscreen Is a must guys, you dont want to be caught cheating on it with the weather. 


DRINK A LOT OF WATER : For some reason in the winter we think that we don’t need as much water. That’s not true at all. Keep drinking water. Your body needs to be hydrated from the inside too. 


EXFOLIATE: Don’t let your dead skin cells build up in the winter. Use an exfoliator twice a week to get rid of that dead skin. Cold weather doesnt give you a reason to not exfoliate, not exfoliating wil lead to build up of dead skin cells and block the barrier to the skin which will not let your skin care penetrate to deeper layers. 


CHANGE YOUR CLEANSER: During the winter, your cleanser might be too harsh for your skin. If you use a salicylic acid based cleaner in the morning , use a hydrating cleanser in the evening. Which will take care of your acne as well as wont strip the skin of its essential oil. 


DOUBLE CLEANSING: use an oil based balm or cleanser before your normal gel / water based cleanser , it will make your skin feel soft and hydrated. 


Trust me, for those who love winters you guys will enjoy it even more with these tips and for those who dont like it due to the obvious skin concerns like dry and flaky skin give it a shot, you will love and enjoy the season.