Will our nation be the next victim of the so-called ‘sex recession’?

Sex can be thought of as protein or sleep, if you are getting it too much, you would freak out, and if you get it too little, you would be concerned. So, it is a little surprising to know about the case which was reported earlier today where the focus was on the sex recession in Japan or the idea that the millennials of Japan are not having enough sex, which is followed by the worrying warning that America might be the next.
The news story reported by CBS was attached to the National Fertility Survey of Japan, which revealed that 10 percent of men in their 30s were virgins, a considerable high number as compared with that of other developed nations. In the story, the experts put the blame of the growing virginity rates on a broad range of factors, from surging financial instability of the nation to the emergence of applications that offer digital companionship.
Whatever the reason, such statistics, along with the high low fertility rate of Japan, has given rise to panic amongst the demographic experts, as well as, public researchers of healthcare, who anticipate that the population of the country will be halved in case of continuity of trend over the coming century. The ending of the story is threatening which states that this issue is not only prevalent in Japan, a country like the United States might be the next one as the victim. However, what is the extent of accuracy of this statement, and will the so-called ‘sex recession’ in Japan go global?
The claim that millennials are in the middle of a sex recession is ‘valid in a sense,’ because the GSS data reflects that sexual frequency is on the decline, told Doctor Justin Lehmiller, who is a researcher at The Kinsey Institute.