Why wishing for ‘Medicare for all’ is a bad option

The reason why the majority of the physicians including me are upset is the ‘Medicare for All’ policy which not only adversely affects the patients but also the physicians. We are ones who provide healthcare, however, these policies are made without taking any input from the physicians.

A lot of private practitioners who are incentivized to work extraordinarily hard will be transformed by the “Medicare for All” into government employees. The normal work time for the week before I took retirement was around 70 to 80 hours. Now, the health practitioners will lose the main incentive to work; there will be fewer advances in technology and innovation, there will be longer waiting time for the patients, there will be a rationalization of the specialized medicines and procedures.

It was said by Bernie Sanders that if Canada can do it, why can’t we? In 2017, Canada had a population of 36M, but the population of the United States of America exceeded 320M. The border of Canada is secure, but we have a porous southern border with an ever increasing population. This is the reason why this concept of ‘Medicare for All’ is enormously unaffordable for all, and there will be a need to raise the taxes for everyone, inclusive of the rich class and the middle class.

However, we should also give a thought to the students who are considering the medical profession; they will be discouraged. There will be less availability of doctors for such a large population and hence longer times of waiting for primary-care physicians & specialty care will be inevitably longer. The general quality of healthcare will suffer. You should be careful when you’re making a wish.

At the debates on Wednesday & Thursdays, we witnessed another effort for changing the direction of the party to a 21st-century party. It might lead to some conflicts within the party, for change is never easy.