Why are the French so skeptical of immunization and why is there so much prevalence of conspiracy theories

Why are the French so skeptical of immunization and why is there so much prevalence of conspiracy theories?

It was recently revealed that France is a country where people have the lowest level of trust in the vaccine as compared to other countries of the world and it seems to enter to broader support for the ongoing conspiracy theories. However, the question arises that why are the people of France so skeptical of conventional wisdom?

It was revealed by a survey that 33% of the population thought that immunization is not safe, which is so far the greatest figure of any world’ country. As a result of this, measles, which was considered to be entirely eradicated in France, has started making its way.

The government, as well as, the healthcare professionals are worried that the situation will get worse if the French continue to be against immunization.

Part of the reason why the French is so against vaccinations is that natural resistance to the authority which prevails among the French.

A biologist who is also the co-author of Antivax told that France is the only country where the vaccines have been made obligatory.

Last year, Agnes Buzyn who is France’s Health Minister increased the number of mandatory vaccinations for children to 11, something which according to Salvadori may have been troublesome for the French public.

Salvadori told that we have not ever abandoned paternalistic medicine although every time more vaccines are enforced upon us, there is greater than before resistance to them. However, it is hard for the government to know how the action can be taken when the majority of the people are not being vaccinated, and still making them obliged to do doesn’t seem to work either

Just like other countries, the ‘Big Pharma’ conspiracy theory is prevalent in France. Saldavori told that the health minister in France is commonly physicians, and hence seen as involved in unlawful or immoral dealings with the pharmaceuticals industry; Filling their pockets and working against the public.