What would happen if move back 75 years into the past

On 3rd August 1944, Chamoru refugees were started being sent back by the American commanders to safe areas.

There was the destruction of the majority of the homes due to weeks of bombing and the scarcity of food. As the people of Japan were pushed towards the north during the war, more and more civilians started making their way to America.

According to a Navy memo, by 6th August, there were nearly 17 thousand civilians in camps and 5 thousand had been sent to their homes

According to the war diary of Guam Island Command, orders came on the 3rd of August to send the civilians back to their farms, which lied outside of the danger zones, with necessary rations to them which they can carry for a week.

The civilians were asked to apply any nearby civilian refugee camp in the case when the rations get exhausted for further food. The relief centers could be then arranged throughout the island until such time.

A significant amount of food was seized by the military of America from the Japanese, inclusive of 185 gallons of soy sauce, 87.5 tons of rice, 500 cases of canned fish and 400 cases of canned vegetables.

But as there were great destruction and all the agriculture on the land had been destroyed, so civilians, as well as, majority of the military were relying on imported food.

It was stated by the report of the Island Command, there will be continuity of the food problem until there can be plantation and harvesting of crops. As Japanese hoards dwindle, upon imported food more and more dependence must be placed for relief, as well as, for sale to civilians. All the island’s natives will have to rely on, at least in part, from imported foodstuffs for the coming 5 to 6 months.