What happened in the new episode of the Podcast ‘When Life Gives You Parkinson’s’?

To attend the 5th World Parkinson Congress (WPC), I will be traveling to Kyoto which is in Japan in June. WPC is an international event of Parkinson that has its door open for all of the members of the Parkinson community, from researchers to the neurologists to those who are living with the disease. Since I got diagnosed in August of 2017, I have launched the Podcast when you are given Parkinson’s by life. In order to extend this podcast, I have collaborated with the World Parkinson Coalition to help previous the World Parkinson Congress 2019.

The manager of the French National Institutes of Neurosciences, Psychiatry, cognitive sciences, and the neurology, Etienne Hirsch is a board member as well as the chair for the main science program committee for this year’s World Parkinson Congress. In the current episode of my podcast: When life gives you Parkinson’s, I had a talk with Hirsh about his entire conversation, where he was assessing the question: Is there any movement towards more personalized medicine? He is unable to hide his passion for this subject.

“Well, I think that this is the major challenge at present for Parkinson’s disease.” He further said: “By the way, I should not be saying the Parkinson’s disease. Instead, I should be saying Parkinson’s diseases with an ‘s’.”

The basic concept behind this is that whoever gets diagnosed with Parkinson’s does not get to deal with the same disease, but there are different diseases which deserve to have different treatment.

“Some of the people even laughed, saying that neuroinflammation is caused by the degeneration of a neuron. And now we are aware of the fact that neuroinflammatory processes aren’t just caused by the neuron degeneration. But these events really take part in the cascading of the events which lead to the degeneration in the past.”