What effect does chemotherapy have on you?

As soon as one is diagnosed with cancer, the first step in their mind is to ask their doctor to sign them up for Chemotherapy, as there is not fully functional medicine for cancer, Surgery and chemotherapy are the preferred paths to follow, but what does chemotherapy exactly do to your body?

Chemotherapy does a lot more than get rid of the cancer cells, the drugs are extremely powerful and are sufficient for quickly growing cancer cells, and they easily wash off normal healthy cells as well, thus resulting in various side effects. The side effects of Chemotherapy may largely differ as per your age, overall health, and type of treatment received through Chemo.

While most of the side effects go away with the time, some of the effects may even continue long after the treatment ends, and some might stay with you forever, although depending on how your body is reacting, the doctor might have to change the type of dose.

The side effects of chemotherapy noticeable on the body are:-

  • Chemo brain:- Foggy thinking and memory problems are addressed as chemo brain, these side effects can cause anxiety and stress
  • Anxiety and depression:- Therapy adds to the stress of everyday life and can become overwhelming
  • Menopause:- Therapy can trigger early menopause
  • Nausea and Vomiting:- This is the most common symptom of chemotherapy
  • Loss of appetite:- Drugs can totally disturb the entire digestive system, this can cause a loss of appetite
  • Discolored and cracked nails:- You can develop brown cracked nails
  • Loss of interest in sexual activities: – It might be hard to get in the mood after the chemo sessions but it’s mostly a temporary issue.
  • Skin sensitivity: – Can cause dry skin, and become sensitive to sunlight.
  • Swollen feet and hands:- An indication that the kidneys are working overtime
  • Poor muscle coordination:- tires muscles can interfere with balance and basic motor skills
  • Bone loss:- Loss of bone density is common, especially in women, the effects could get worse with the age
  • Urine color: – Your urine may change red, due to the body letting out chemotherapy drugs.
  • Decrease in urine:- treatment could cause a decrease in urine, this could be the sign that it is harming the kidney
  • Digestive distress: – Drugs may cause few digestive distress like Constipation, Diarrhea, etc.
  • Mouth Sores: – Sores me develop inside cheeks, tongue, and throat. Early treatment can help avoid infection