What does Trump’s executive order signify for health care?

This afternoon in Florida, President Donald Trump signed an executive order calling for Medicare’s further privatization.  The ‘Executive Order for the Seniors of Our Nation to Secure and Improve Medicare ‘ focuses on the extension of the Medicare Advantage. It will extend private insurers ‘ ability to provide insurance rather than government benefits.

“The Executive Order would strengthen private Medicare Advantage programs and provide more coverage options to seniors,” states Lindsay Bealor Greenleaf, Policy Director at ADVI Health, a national healthcare consulting firm.

“We will soon allow prescription drugs from other countries including Canada to be imported safely and legally,” the president said. In recent months, the administration has shown a growing interest in a pharmaceutical import system.

In June, Trump ordered Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services, to consult with Florida on a government-level bill allowing the importation of prescription drugs from other nations. Similar legislation was recently passed in Colorado and Vermont.

Trump took the opportunity in his address to criticize Democratic health plans.

“Medicare, like never before, is under threat. Nearly every major Democrat has backed a radical takeover of government that would destroy Medicare,” he stated.

Democrats have, however, called out for months that the 2020 budget of President Trump calls for an $845 billion cut in Medicare.

Progressives like the one-payer bill of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will essentially create a compulsory Medicare system that would cover everything through a government-run healthcare plan instead of a privatized alternative.

Recent polls by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 51% of Americans support a one-payer system, indicating that voters are more in favor of the Democrats ‘ proposal.

Health care policy tends to be mixed up. They are currently debating whether or not traditional Medicare is better than non-traditional Medicare, and whether it would help to improve one or the other. Medicare. More data about this as soon as they evaluate the proposal.