Weight Loss Pills Recalled As They May Increase Risk Of Cancer, According To FDA

Eisai, a Japanese pharmaceutical company has willingly withdrawn Lorcaseri, marketed under the brand name Belviq. It is a weight-loss drug. The decision as mad post the warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that Belviq did not pass the latest safety test so there was a chance that the drug could increase risk of cancer for the consumer. Soon after the warning was issued, the Food and Drug Administration requested the drug’s withdrawal from the market, asserting that the potential risk of cancer is more than the benefitsthe drug may bring to the consumer’s body. Lorcaserin is a drug intended to help lose weight majorly for the treatments of obesity as well as health issues related to overweight. The drug helps by decreasing the consumer’s sense of hunger.The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has advised the consumers of the drug Belviq tablets to dispose them safely and the best way to do the same, would be to hand them to an official drug take back location. The consumerswere asked to remove or delete personal details mentioned on the prescription tag of empty drug bottles or packaging before disposing them.