Weight Loss

Weight Loss Not Connected With Cognitive Function

Cognitive function is the ability for the brain to work mentally. Losing cognitive function can be obtained through certain diseases or through brain surgeries. However, studied have worked hard trying to know the affect towards the body due to loss in cognitive functions. One main study focused on the weight loss outcomes obtained from loss in cognitive functions and compared the results with normal patients who went through brain surgeries but did not affect their cognitive functions.

According to the study conducted by a clinical psychologist at Children’s National called Sarah Hornack; PhD holder, there is not prediction for weight loss for people with drop in cognitive functions. The study and the results were published in the Pediatrics journal. There has been an observed increase in weight post brain surgeries for patients with lower cognitive brain functions. This was what inspired Dr. Sarah to look into each case alone trying to find a connection between the surgery and weight loss.

“It’s challenging to ensure that an adolescent who is cognitively impaired understands what it means to undergo a surgical procedure like bariatric surgery, but we do find ways to ensure assent whenever possible, and make sure the patient also has a guardian capable of consent. However, is a support structure to help them with weight-loss surgery requirements. Often, we see that adolescents with lower cognitive function already have a well-established support system in place to assist them with other care needs, that can easily adapt to providing structure and follow through after weight-loss surgery, too,” said Sarah.