Veterinary students based in France treat homeless pets for free

Veterinary students based in France treat homeless pets for free

French students from a France-based vet school have established a voluntary service to provide free veterinary treatment for pets belonging to people who cannot afford their treatment or who are homeless.

The group consists of a total of 90 student based at a vet school in Lyon. While they do not provide care for the pets at the school, they do so at a couple of homeless shelters which permit the admittance of animals. According to FranceInfo, they are, at all times, supervised by a veterinary professor.

The students have vaccinated and cared for as many as 200 cats and dogs. The students have also treated the pets for conditions which could potentially be passed on to humans.

The students have asked homeless individuals to make use of their facility. Also invited, are individuals who are unemployed or do not have the means to pay for the standard veterinary treatment for their pets.

Dr Vincent Legros, a supervising professor of the students, stated that the vet facility they run operate preventative medicine that is comparatively simple to do, technically. He added that what is good about it is how students get the opportunity to meet individuals who may be faced with hardships later and who they can include later on when they further advance their profession.

Lucas Carreras, a student, stated how a homeless individual is unable to afford a vet, which is why they have established themselves as the middlemen between major care and minor care.

A woman, Muriel, stated that she now uses this facility for the vaccination of her cats following her loss of job after her employer factory shut down. When speaking to FranceInfo, she stated how she was able to afford it earlier but is now unable to. Consequently, she has made her way towards the scheme, she didn’t want to let go of her cats.