Utah researchers study key protein in the growth of Endometrial Cancer

The hormone estrogen has many serious roles in men and women, in healthy tissues as well as in cancer. In breast and gynecologic cancers, estrogen delivers signals to tumors directing the cancer cells to grow out of control.

In the following years, studies have highlighted role of estrogen on the growth-promoting in breast cancer. In endometrial cancer, estrogen is known to play a critical role in tumor development, that rises in the lining of the uterus, there are yet many insights from how it affects breast cancer and do not apply to endometrial cancer.

New research that was issued in the journal Cancer Research summaries findings saying that scientists expect an advance in understanding of endometrial cancer and which can lead to more operative treatments.

The researchers have also discovered that a protein known as ETV4 plays a vital role in how estrogen connects with endometrial cancer cells. Estrogen directs pro-growth indicators to the cells, and estrogen receptor carries out these indicators.

The research found that when ETV4 was detached from endometrial cancer cells, estrogen indicating was highly decreased and subsequently lead to diminished tumor growth.

The laboratory utilized genomics state-of-the-art methods and cooperated with several research teams with different proficiency to expand the research.