USFDA gives labs the go-ahead for raw testing of coronavirus

Taking stock of the current situation regarding Coronavirus in the world, the USFDA has introduced a new policy framework to deploy COVID 19 diagnostic tests in the affected countries. This will accelerate the decisions to implement the COVID 19 tests much before its anticipated use, before the USFDA completes the Emergency Use Authorization request. The EUA is a medical code that can be deployed in times of critical emergencies such as these. This is pertaining to data in line with treatment ordinarily used to prevent a malady when a public health emergency has been issued.

In a public health emergency, Stephen Bahm, the USFDA Director has stated that this measure in countering a situation, largely going out of hands, is the agency’s response in targeting public health directives.

The U.S is of the view that the prevention of spread of this disease COVID 19 is severely relying on the diagnostic tests to help control its spread. The EUA has revealed that one EUA is needed for COVID 19 in use by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDA) and a few health labs across the continent. A circular in accordance with this policy to develop further diagnostic tests and their prompt usage has to bring to the fore more effective testing capacities in the U.S.

An agency called BARDA is on the lookout for more diagnostics that can be deployed in hospitals or clinics to give doctors and patients alike all the information that can be got to counter the disease.