• Massive increase in coronavirus infections has caused complete lockdown in the UK.
  • UK witnessed rapid and massive increase in the number of coronavirus infections in past few months.
  • UK government is talking to pharma companies regarding early access to modified vaccines.
  • The modified vaccines are expected to counter the new variant of coronavirus that is widespread in the UK.

In the United Kingdom (UK), the infections of coronavirus have increased so much that the government had to impose a complete lockdown in the whole country. Infections in UK increased rapidly and massively in the past few months.

The UK government is in talks with many pharmaceutical firms to ensure that UK gets early access to receive COVID-19 vaccines should that become necessary. The vaccines have been modified to deal with new variants of the virus that originated in China. The health minister Matt Hancock confirmed the same in official statement.

In the Parliament, Mr. Hancock expressed confidence in the modifications to vaccines and wished for the availability of vaccines on large scale. Mr. Hancock also hoped that the modified vaccines would be available more quickly compared to original vaccines. Mr. Hancock added that when first version of coronavirus came, UK took a risk with the original form of vaccine. Hence, he, along with UK Government officials was talking to pharmaceutical companies in order to ensure that right vaccine was available in right amount in the stock meant for vaccinating British citizens.