• According to a UK study, the drug aspirin does not improve the survival for the patients hospitalized with corona virus
  • The study involved around 15,000 patients hospitalized with the novel corona virus

A UK study has found that, the cheap and easily-available drug known as aspirin does not improve the survival of the patients that are hospitalized because of the novel corona virus, and the researchers of the Oxford University had been hoping to find that, the blood-thinning medicine can possibly help the hospitalized novel corona virus patients, who are at an increased risk of the blood clots forming in their blood vessels, especially in the lungs, but they have found that, the drug aspirin does not help to prevent deaths.

The study, which had been a part of a wider recovery test, which includes investigating various possible treatments for the people, who had been hospitalized with the novel corona virus, has been involving around 15,000 patients, which were hospitalized with the corona virus, and merely half of the patients had been given 150mg of the aspirin drug daily as compared to the other half of the patients, which were given the usual care alone.

Peter Horby, who is a professor of the emerging infectious diseases in the Nuffield Department of Medicine at the Oxford University said that, the data from the study has been showing that, in the patients, who had been hospitalized with the novel corona virus, the drug aspirin had not been associated with the decrease in the 28-day mortality or in the risk of the progressing to the invasive mechanical ventilation and death of the people.

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