UK government bracing for the worst to come, leaked Brexit document reveals

It was revealed by the leaker Brexit documents that the government of the United States was preparing for the worst to come. The leak followed after Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom doubled down on his pledge of leaving the EU on the 31st Oct either with or without a deal.

The document, which has been apparently written by the Cabinet Office and marked as confidential, lists the major planning assumptions, as well as, specifies the possible consequences of a no-deal Brexit. Amongst the likely consequences are the medicine, fuel, and food shortages, the climbing costs of social care, substantial port disruptions, and a tough border with Ireland.

It was told by a senior government source to the Sunday times that these consequences are the basic ones, the most likely and reasonable scenarios. The worst-case ones should be kept in mind as well. He added that this isn’t a project fear, rather the most genuine assessment of what the public would face with no deal.

The report is supposedly the very first time that government has reflected its consideration of the no-deal Brexit. The most disturbing thing is that it was stated by the government that neither the public nor the businesses are preparing for a no-deal scenario, in part because of ‘European Union Exit fatigue’ succeeding the extension of the divorce date from March to 31st October.

France will be imposing European Union controls on the goods of the United Kingdom instantly. Due to the lack of preparation of the British supply trucks for French customs, there will be a reduction in the number of vehicles passing through to 40 to 60 percent of existing levels within a day. The duration of the disruption could last 3 or more months which would impact the British economy catastrophically.