Travelers are advised to do a thorough background check on the regions they are visiting on adventurous excursions abroad

Travelers are being warned by a woman to do thorough research on adventurous excursions abroad after and many other Newfoundlanders got ill from an unknown disease traced back to a Cuban cave.

Terri Murphy who belongs from Paradise, N.L., traveled with her husband to Cuba on the 27th of April, but her symptom did not appear until the 21st of May, weeks after returning home.

By examining her X-rays, it could be seen that there were nodules in her lungs & tests showed low blood counts. The local doctors were confused because of her condition, who initially thought that could be suffering from a form of pneumonia.

The hint to her illness came when she met another family of Newfoundlanders who had a mutual friend. Murphy along with her with husband traveled with that family on a tour which included cave diving in Cuba. Back in their town, a lot of their friend had also fallen sick.

Murphy, as well as, the travelers informed the doctors that they were acquaintances and were experiencing similar symptoms, and their illness was recognized as a respiratory infection known as histoplasmosis or cave disease.

Murphy said that she felt a bit relieved after knowing the source of her condition since she was fearing that she might have any cancerous health issue.

She said by phone on Wednesday that she didn’t want to get excited for knowing that someone else was sick too, but at least there were no chances of having cancer.

The local Health Authority, Eastern Health, has issued an advisory for those who are traveling to Australia, Africa, East Asia, and America to avoid any source of disease.

Histoplasmosis is a curable disease, which is contracted by breathing in airborne spores where bat or bird droppings are disturbed in damp soil.

Murphy told that she was still experiencing fatigue and a persistent cough. Hence she advised other travelers to do a thorough background check on the regions they are visiting and any planned excursions.