To begin with its very first Veterinary Clinical Research, Panag Pharma Inc. acquires the Health Canada Authorization

A subsidiary of the renowned pharmaceutical leader, Teta Bio-Pharma Inc., Panag Pharma Inc. made an announcement today that is has obtained authorization by the Veterinary Drugs Directorate, Health Canada for its pilot clinical research for evaluating the potential efficiency & tolerability of its ophthalmic drug which will be used for the treatment of inactivate corneal ulcers in the companion animals. Veterinary Drugs Directorate granted the certificate for the experimental study to the veterinary ophthalmologists who will be conducting the clinical research for the Panag Pharma Inc.

The Co-founder of the Panag Pharma Inc., Doctor Melaine Kelly passed the following statement: “Panag has developed a series of cannabinoid-based drugs for the pharmaceutical market. Over the last year, we have worked with Tetra to develop an ophthalmic pipeline for pain and inflammatory conditions of the eye. PPP003 is one of the most important assets in our ophthalmic portfolio.”

Statements were also passed by the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Security Officer of the Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc., Doctor Guy Chamberland who said the following: “PPP003 is a new chemical entity which, in addition to patent protection, would benefit from 6 years data exclusivity plus 2 years marketing exclusivity granted under the Canadian drug regulations. This product candidate comes from our collaboration with Panag. The granting of this authorization by VDD further reinforces the importance of our recent acquisition and our ability to meet milestones.”

The company Tetra Bio-pharma Inc. has many other subsidiaries who are engrossed in the establishment of a growing & advanced pipeline of the BioPharmaceuticals. The company has its focus on providing demanding scientific validation as well as the security data which is required for including the current biopharma industry by insurance companies, scientists as well as the regulators.

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