Three candidates for President of the Democratic Party debate over healthcare

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders faced off on stage, as one of the three will be competing against Donald Trump for president in the November 2020 poll.
The three candidates allegedly had a clash over healthcare at the Democratic Party’s third debate, held in Houston, Texas.
Joe Biden, former vice-president under Barack Obama, is said to be leading the current polls by a significant difference, followed by Elizabeth Warren in second place, and Bernie Sanders at third.
President Trump said at a Republican gathering that he thinks of Ms. Warren to have a chance at beating Joe Biden.
Many concerns were raised during the debate, including deportation issues, gun control laws, and climate change, but the harshest clashes were generated by the healthcare sector.
It is because of healthcare being so controversial that the Democrats have been divided into two groups, moderate and progressive.
Warren and Sanders both supported to devise a new ‘Medicare for All’ program for the elderly. This will be financed by taxes, similar to the health programs that exist in Britain and Canada. However, Joe Biden thought otherwise. He thought of this scheme to be expensive and insisted that the focus be shifted to Obama’s Affordable Care Act instead.
Joe Biden further added that Obamacare was very successful. Although expensive, it is relatively cheaper than the $30 trillion ‘Medicare for All’ program.
Warren defended herself by saying that families have to struggle to pay for medical bills. Only the wealthy can afford most medical treatments. However, Warren and Sanders were attacked by people, saying that the idea was a bad one.
Talking about gun control, candidates were asked if they supported confiscating assault rifles. They said that they were all for it and would not allow them to be used by people anymore.
Almost all candidates started their statements by calling President Trump a racist and accusing him of applying the divide-and-rule strategy on America.