This Japanese creativity is bringing changes in the skincare market.

Skincare followers are very well aware of the news regarding ceramides in skincare; both major and minor brands have released ceramide-enriched skin formations in the last year, focusing on the laundry list of clear results it has on the skin.The question arises why ceramides are so important and why is it required by our skinCeramides are lipids (a type of fats) that are organically found in our skin and are noted to be highly concentrated in the top layers of the skins, and it adds greater than 50% to our skin’s material formation.Consider them as cement between tiles, keeping them in place and protecting the floor from any cracks or exposure. They protect your skin from losing water or sweat or any other form of moisture, keeping them tight and flexible. They also have a very crucial part in the skin’s blockade function, saving it from any stimuli from outside.But ceramide in the skin lessens by environmental factors like UV rays and AC and with anatomical changes. In addition to that, it also improves the moisture content of the skin. This was also observed in a 1995 analysis by the University of California’s Department of Dermatology, which exhibits the interrelationship.This deficiency of ceramides in the skin gradually results in skin dryness. The majority of the population has witnessed this happening to their skin at least once in their lifetime.The planning and thought process behind deciding the future of skincareluckily, a lot of clinical research, for instance like the one advertised in the Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology, have declared that oral utilization of products that includes ceramides could have a great impact on the skin’s moisture blockade, therefore adding more to the moisture capacity of the skin.