The potent anti-inflammatory property of Aged Garlic Extract reduces cardiovascular risks

Did you know that the benefits and usage of Garlic are not just limited to a cooking herb being used to spice up the food?  According to the Japan Times, research has revealed it can provide health benefits, inclusive of being used for the treatment of unhealthy teeth.

According to the report, recent research has unveiled a surprising newcomer to the dental healthcare scene which has nothing to do with flossing or fluoride, garlic.

Scientists found that by consuming aged garlic extract on a daily basis Gingivitis gum disease can be treated.

Garlic has been used as an herbal medicine for 5 thousand years, the ‘aged garlic extract’ is used for the treatment of memory impairments, gum disease, liver injuries, or for pet care.

The lead researcher ‘Jonathan Mann’ stated that he has a friend who prefers to use garlic even before dental care. However, he said that he couldn’t imagine that even his study could be successful.

151 people with gingivitis were employed in the study. They were further divided into two categories: placebos and AGE recipients.

According to Mann, over a period of 4 months, those who were given aged garlic extract exhibited a significant reduction of bleeding & gingival inflammation, whereas those who were not, their condition remained unchanged.

According to a lecturer at the David Geffen School of Medicine, Matthew Budoff, there are strong anti-inflammatory properties in the aged garlic extract.

He said that one of the advantages we believe the statin impart which have a great proof for reduction in cardiovascular death, as well as, cardiovascular risk is also a strong anti-inflammatory. He said that now they can see aged garlic extract having the same effect on the inflammation. AGE has also reflected a reduction in blood pressure.