European Center for Disease Prevention & Control

The need to get children vaccinated before the spread of measles gets out of hand in Europe

According to the World Health Organization, in order to increase the immunization rate the best way to get the mandatory vaccination. Certainly, France is not the only member of the European Union to mandate a great number of childhood vaccines.

But the World Health Organization warns that this approach can also incite vaccine resistance. It says that it is not necessarily due to the safety or other concerns, but because of the resistance to the concept of forced vaccination.

Jeremy Ward, who works at VITROME laboratory, said that Depriving of the freedom of choice can appear strict easily. He said that there is a highly politicized environment in France, which results in incitement of a minority who in the past were reluctant to become profusely anti-vaccine.

There is also a chance of an increase in the number of kids receiving medical exemptions, which can be applied in the case if the immune system of a child is too weak or if he is allergic to eggs. Just like other countries, in France as well there are numerous doctors who provide counterfeit medical exemptions.

Ward told that when you get to conversate with people working in the private schools, majority of them will tell you that a vast majority of the children over there aren’t vaccinated and are not checked by the directors of the school.  Hence, parents find private schools more appealing.

Ward told that he tells people that there is no product in the market which comes with zero risks. It simply does not exist. There are even side-effects of the most commonly used medicine ‘ibuprofen’ or other antibiotics. He encourages parents to spread the word about illnesses which prevailed before the widespread beginning of immunization.

Unless the rate of vaccination is increased substantially, diseases like measles will continue to engulf Europe, told the European Center for Disease Prevention & Control.