The need for re-staffing to be done at the front lines of community healthcare, and hospitals, former CMO Dr. Martin confirms

Doctor Martin also agreed with the fact that the politicians via their decisions are intervening in the professional life of the medics in the healthcare sector to a level which will is unacceptable and will be a loss to the sector.

He stated that you look to the administrator of the system first if there is any problem with a system of people. We have to go against the tides in order to staff our hospitals for dealing with the attack of renal failure, as well as, cancer and so there is a need for some primary policy decision to be taken place with regards to the recruitment of workforce recruitment and retention if we want to lead the game.

He continued that the major reason behind the swimming against the tide is that there was a lot of cleansing done by the Ministry of Health of its thinkers, people with institutional memory, people who were experts of policy planning, as well as, performance assessment. Unfortunately, all the 2015 posts have been cleansed so there is a need for some re-staffing to be done both at the Ministry of Health level, as well as, the front lines of community health, care, and also the hospital.

When the former Chief Medical Officer was asked to rate the effectiveness and efficiency of the health system he pointed a handful of former surveys.

He stated that talking generally, I will give it a B+ mainly since the yeoman service being done by persons who are on the front lines. In fact, in the surveys done in the past, the general public of St Kitts and Nevis rated our community health centers 80% satisfaction and to me, that has always been the benchmark.