The goal of NEC to see its Artificial intelligence driven Drug Discovery Business at the price of ¥300 Billion by the end of 2025

The application of the latest technology of NEC will be expanding for the development of cancer drug which focuses on modern immunotherapy as a part of its improvement in the healthcare business.

Initially, the clinical trials for personalized neoantigen vaccines will be started with Transgene, making NEC the very first company in Japan for commencing such trials.

The target of the companies will be the head & neck cancer as well as ovarian cancer with the research trials which will be conducted in the U.S. & Europe. In April, the clearance for proceeding the trials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was received in the United States. Applications submitted by France and the United Kingdom are still under review. The trial drug is prepared by the joint effort of Transgene and NEC.

Anticipated new cases of cancer being diagnosed were 18.1 million around the world last year and the cancer is declared as the major cause of deaths in Japan. There are too many expectations from better development of treatments for cancer. This particularly applies to the cancer immunotherapy which has been welcomed as the next generation for the treatment of cancer.

Recently, the invention of the genomic analysis has given rise to enormous growth in genome data which had the requirement of artificial intelligence in order for the efficient and accurate process.  NEC has the goal to see its Artificial intelligence-driven business of drug discovery at the price of ¥300 billion by the end of 2025 via the development of safer & better immunotherapies.

Moreover, NEC is strongly committed to providing the social solutions which promote equality and prosperity of the society which welcomes diversity and allows every individual to play an active part.