The Globis Capital Partners, World Innovation Lab (WiL) and many others earned approximately US$ 42.9 million from AI Medical Service Inc.

After the last round of funding from the Incubate Fund in August 2018, the company has raised around $57 million since it was established in 2017. This is worth more than $9 million.

The organization plans to use recent funding to support clinical trials, improve the development pipeline, recruit experts, invest in equipment and grow overseas. The company hopes to accelerate regulatory approval and to help develop endoscopic medical care internationally with the further advancement of its technology.

AI Medical Services CEO, Dr. Tomohiro Tada, notes that his company was founded to address endoscopy problems within clinics. In January 2018, in collaboration with the joint research team, they published their first international report on AI in gastric cancer, publishing a variety of scientific papers on topics such as AI in esophagus cancer, colorectal cancer, and AI endoscopy. We make effective use of the procured funds to sell and offer these goods to society as soon as possible. They plan to contribute to endoscopic medical treatment worldwide, as their founding philosophy states.

AI Medical Service integrates AI software that brings the experience of endoscopy experts from Japan together and facilitates endoscopic examinations of gastrointestinal organs, including the esophagus, liver, small intestines, and wide bowels.

The Globis Capital Partners CEO, Satoshi Fukushima, says she anticipates shortly an exponential trend for physicians to treat cancer in conjunction with AI. The AI endoscopy has great potential for benefiting endoscope experts and patients worldwide, assisted by global leading medical establishments and experts in the fields and led by professional management.

Gen Tsuchikawa, IGV’s Chief Investment Officer, said that the AI Medical Services group is motivated not only by excellent software engineering but by authoritative endoscopic medical doctors. We have seen great progress in research and technology which will lead to state-of-the-art innovation in the industry. AI Medical Service is optimistic that it will offer breakthroughs to various medical institutes and endoscopy doctors that will significantly improve global health quality.