The Campaign ‘Choosing Wisely Canada’ takes action on the reduction of overuse

All of us can make a difference when it comes to overuse or overdiagnosis. Since the past 5 years, Choosing Wisely Canada campaign has shaped a movement which encourages the patients and the clinicians to engage in conversations regarding the overuse. 4th National Meeting of this campaign was organized Today with the collaboration of various medical associations like QMA and CMA to introduce the newest creations in the reduction of overuse.

Numerous strategies and projects have been established by a team led by clinicians inclusive of proper use of antibiotics, enhanced shared decision making with the patients, elimination of non-required tests, more directed approach to the periodic medical visits and screening, elevated use of the tools necessary for good decision making.

A distinctive opportunity for showcasing such exciting innovations with the researchers, clinicians, system leaders, and patients is provided by the National Meeting which involves everyone who is dedicated towards the reduction of overuse.

The Chair of the campaign ‘Choose Wisely Canada’, Doctor Wendy Levinson, passed the following statement: “This Campaign is very pleased to be able to hold the 4th annual National Meeting. Also, the milestone of the five year anniversary in this meeting will be celebrated with over 350 students, patients, clinicians and the system leaders who took part in it. An opportunity for reflecting the achievements of our community for working together to increase our commitment to the reduction of overuse are offered by the National Meeting.”

And this is just the commencement. There is a need for continuing the education provided to the patients, decision makers, physicians as well as the managers. Still, too many people see overuse as a means for saving money or reduce the expense of our healthcare system, when it is actually a golden opportunity to invest in the supreme quality care which will lead to improved access to enhanced health.