University of Arkansas

The Brain Is Understood A Little Bit More

The brain is strongest organ in the whole body due to the multifunctioning that it possess. The brain is able to control the whole body from the inside and outside. However, humans have not yet been able to understand the brain fully; with hundreds of studies being conducted trying to understand how it works.

A recent study held by a team of scientists from the University of Arkansas was able to find a new breakthrough in the study of the brain. The study shows that neurons in the brain are actually divided according to the current needs of the body. This insight might be very helpful in further tests as it could help scientists understand how the brain communicates with the body and controls it. The study was led by an associate professor of physics in the university called Woodrow She.

He commented on the results saying, “Alterations in inhibitory signaling are implicated in numerous brain disorders. When we increased inhibition in the motor cortex, those neurons responsible for controlling the body become more internally oriented. This means that the signals that are sent to the muscles from the motor cortex might be corrupted by the ‘messy’ internal signals that are normally not present.”

This study could help uncover many disorders that affects the brain. One very rare and dangerous disease that affects the neurological system in the body is called Rett Syndrome. This study might actually reveal new ideas on the disease which might help the medicine field find solution to such a disorder.