The aftermath of a coronavirus scare in the United States

This is now a given that with unleash of the deadly corona virus on the gullible U.S. citizens, the work-life will fall in turmoil. Work from home becomes the accepted routine and virus affected employees are politely shown the door with more and more employees not turning up to offices. They remain indoors to take care of family members laid low due to the virus. Employees keep a low profile with business trips taking a hit and essentially avoided. Most bans are put in place and remaining vigil is the new norm. Employees’ fill-in for absent co-workers with smooth transition in their new roles.  Wiping all doorknobs, keyboards, optical mouse and desks is done on a high-priority basis.

These were the gist of the diktats that the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention enumerates in its approach to businesses and employers in response to a coronavirus pandemic. This is turning into a grim reality with each passing day as the citizens of U.S come to grips with the prevalence of COVID-19. There seems to be no more doubts to what if the coronavirus strikes US soils but what the numbers that will contract the ill-fated disease as quoted by the director of a leading healthcare center.

If the disease in all reality were to affect US citizens, it would become understandable to resist social interactions by having people work from their homes. It would also become evident to replace personal visits with video calling and conferencing. This should teach you the ways in which your work life could alter and remain vigilant to the after-effects of the disease.