Telehealth App Can Connect Dialysis Patients Treating At Home

DaVita Kidney Care has incorporated a secure telehealth platform, DaVita Care Connect™, into its home dialysis program. DaVita Care Connect™ is one of many connective technologies in its suite of services that have been designed to improve outcomes and the care experience for patients choosing to treat at home.

New DaVita Care Connect™ mobile app offers timely virtual connections between patients taking treatment at home and their care teams in hospitals.

Dr. Martin Schreiber, chief medical officer for Home Dialysis at DaVita Kidney Care, says:

“Home dialysis is a better clinical option for many patients, but it is a big responsibility. Care Connect gives our patients a convenient way to access connected care to help grow confidence in treating at home.”

DaVita Care Connect™ supports customized patient education, multi-way video visits, reminders, image sharing, and secure texting. Patients can use DaVita Care Connect™ to schedule confidential appointments at convenient times. With appointments on demand possible, if issues related to their home dialysis therapy arise, patients can establish real-time connections with physicians. Recognizing that access to high-speed internet varies throughout the USA, this application is optimized for use across all types of bandwidth connections.

Dr. Adam Weinstein, nephrologist at Kidney Health Center of Maryland, says:

“Telehealth has given me more flexibility to work with my patients—both with increased frequency, off-cycle from their typical clinic visits, and when our schedules don’t mesh. DaVita Care Connect™ provides an opportunity to be more engaged and connected with patients.”

In the USA, DaVita is the largest provider of home dialysis. DaVita Care Connect™ is a part of DaVita’s Home Dialysis Connect™ technology suite. With DaVita Care Connect™ , the company has got a user-base of nearly 18,000 patients since 2018. Thus, its home dialysis programs are growing at five times the rate of in-center treatments. Dr. Schreiber says:

“Our patients can count on us to bring them transformative technology and tools that can help them be successful at treating on their home therapy of choice.”