Technology to the rescue: Hooray! Color blindness can actually be reversed

Take a gander at these. These contacts could solve the mystery behind color blindness. It is to do with the oft-repeated color contrast red-green color blindness that does away with lost color contrast. New color perception could be improved to a factor of 10 a research study states. This research based find tells us that a thin optical device called metasurfaces needs to be included in a common contact lens to correct color blindness or also called deuteranomaly, a form of red-green color blindness.

It hastens to add that customizable contacts could be a convenient solution to color blindness which also takes care of other eye disorders quite emphatically.

There is a corrective measure that glasses also provide,  though glasses turn out to be too bulky and are not one of the best solutions available as in contrast to eye contacts. The intended optical element is very fine and thin and can be added to contacts quite easily to eschew color blindness with a single contact lens. The ultrathin element will need some further corrective procedures before being implemented in the contacts. Vision Errors such as Refractive anomalies can be treated with a single contact lens. The findings corroborate that the contacts will need clinical testing before they flood the market.