Substance abuse, rising violence and mental health problems: Key reasons behind the danger of UK’s failing generation

Any country’s children and their health & behavior are always considered important in terms of overall development and progress. Research finds that United Kingdom lags way behind other countries on measures including infant mortality. The doctors who were part of the research team have stated that the key reasons behind this are Drug use, violence and mental illness and this is what pushes England into the danger of failing a generation.

English teenagers are more likely to get involved in youth violence and a result of this is getting them injured. There is also an increase in the number of children in poverty that are also backed by the figures given by Childline.

Amidst all this number of children wanting to commit suicides has also gone up in the previous decade, as the Childline gets numerous calls from those kids.

Answering to this, the spokesperson from Department of Health and Social Care have stated that they want every child to have best start in their life, irrespective of their background and getting rid of inequalities is a priority of the government. He further stated that early intervention is required and government is taking immediate steps to improve child health and have launched one of the most ambitious plan in order to tackle the problem of childhood obesity and transforming children’s mental health, which will give access of these services to more than 70,000 children and are also planning to improve maternity services in coming year.