Stress Might Cause You To Gain Weight

Comfort food is the term used to describe the guilty pleasure of taking in unhealthy food. We all enjoy eating juicy food which will affect our health yet are tasty. This is the main leading cause of the high obesity rates being observed in our modern times. However, gaining weight is directly proportional to the high number of calories intake that the body does not need.

However, a recent study conducted by a team of researchers focused to understand the weight change for different people due to different reasons. The study concluded that the comfort food will be more affective in terms of gaining weight during stress. This indicates that food should be taken care of especially when a person is stressed.

The study was led by the Head of the Eating Disorders laboratory at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Dr. Herbert Herzog. He published the study and the results in the Cell Metabolism Journal. He commented further on the results saying, “Our study showed that when stressed over an extended period and high calorie food was available, mice became obese more quickly than those that consumed the same high fat food in a stress-free environment. We discovered that when we switched off the production of NPY in the amygdala weight gain was reduced. Without NPY, the weight gain on a high-fat diet with stress was the same as weight gain in the stress-free environment.”