Stem Cells that will aid new bone generation discovered as per latest research

Researchers from UConn School of Dental Medicine have recently discovered a group of stem cells that help in generating a new bone. In regards with this, Dr Ivo Kalajzic, professor of reconstructive sciences, stated that, this newly discovered perivascular stem cells that reside in the bone itself have capability of generating the bone and these cells are highly instrumental in repair & mass maintenance of the bone along with its formation.

Since ages, it has been thought that stem cells only reside in bone marrow and exterior surface of the bone stores the cells that continuously generate new bone or repair the bone. Postdoctoral individuals Dr Sierra Root and Dr Natalie Wee, and collaborators at Harvard, Maine Medical Research Center, and the University of Auckland also were part of this study along with Dr Ivo Kalajzic and confirmed that these new cluster of cells residing in the vascular channels that range across the bone and serve as connection between inner and outer part of the bone is capable of generating a new bone.

This team is also pioneer in bringing forward a study that says existence of these progenitor cells inside cortical bone not only generates a new bone but also help remodeling of the bone. The conclusion was made after these researchers observed that these stem cells within an ex vivo bone transportation model migrated out of the transplant and started manufacturing a new bone marrow cavity along with completely new bone.

In order to establish this, more research needs to done as it will definitely turn out wonderful to the field of medical science and mankind.