Nature Communications journal

Stem Cells Can Be Used As Surgical Glue

Cell therapy is the use of external cells or cellular material and injecting it in the body for different reasons. This would include the use for injecting of cells that can provide medical treatments.

A new approach to the use of cell therapy is the ability to create a new surgical glue to hold cells and tissues together using natural means. A recent study conducted by a team of scientists from the Biomaterials in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine was able to find a new way to use stem cells for cell therapy as means of surgical glue.

The study and results were published in the Nature Communications journal by the lead author of the study which is an Associate Professor in Biomaterials in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine called Dr. Adm.

Dr. Adam commented on his results and findings saying that they were able to change in the human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) using a commonly known enzyme from humans called thrombin. Accordingly, they saw positive results in the healing process. He commented on the results saying, “One of the biggest challenges in cell therapies is the need to protect the cells from aggressive environments after transplantation. We have developed a completely new technology that allows cells to grow their own artificial extracellular matrix, enabling cells to protect themselves and allowing them to thrive after transplantation.”

This can be further used in the future as a way to treat cells and tissue.