South Korea shields to fight deadly COVID -19


  • South Korea Announces War on novel corona virus
  • Shincheonji leader apologetic of spreading corona virus
  • Mobile app to save people from the COVID-19 

    President’s Words

    South Korea is the second-largest country to suffer the infectious corona virus after the epicenter of the virus, China. There are a lot of connections to the spread of the disease. Many are blaming it on the cult and many on the negligence of government officials at the airport. Amidst all the happenings the President Moon Jae-in said, South Korea has declared a ‘War’ on ‘Covid-19’. As the cases, number surges to 4812 today. The per-day rise has revised to 600 new cases in the last 24 hours.

    Further in response to this contagious disease, the president has decided to invest the US $25 billion against viruses. There is a crisis in the city, Daegu, and North Gyeongsang Province and so the president has asked the government organizations to shift to a 24-hour emergency room system, reports Yonhap news.

    Lee Man-Hee ‘bends’ the knee

    Meanwhile, the other situations in South Korea regarding the epidemic, the sect leader apologizes for corona virus spread, says although it was not intentional, many people have been infected, and that though putting utmost efforts, they failed to prevent it.

    The countries sixty percent of the infected population belongs to the mega-church. Apart from this, the mayor of the city of Seoul has urged people to work from home.

    Mobile App for Corona Alert

    The technology can be a boon as they say. In the betwixt and between of the outbreak of the dreaded corona, there are apps developed showing the infected areas in South Korea. The app details out the demographic data, the date on which the patient was confirmed, and location history. Its data collection is mainly from the public department records and the Korean Center for disease control. There is another app called Corona Map feature which shows the location of the people suffering from the disease. The app is called Corona 100, where the user is alerted as they come to 100 m locations of the area visited by someone affected by COVID 19. The developers of the app have seen a remarkable download rate i.e. 20,000 every hour. The world health organization has declared a global emergency.