South Korea Health Officials Emergency Warning Texts hamper lives of patients and shop owners – More than Coronavirus


  • South Korean Health Officials reveal private life in the name of health concern
  • Social Stigma Arising in South Korea
  • Business Owners fear for their business elimination

The Korean Health department, in the name of awareness, is revealing the private life of its citizens. The social stigma arising in the people as they read the texts sent throughout the day and night, by the health officials about the people affected by the deadly disease. The number in South Korea has increased to 6000, causing concern among its citizens, as they are worried about getting affected too.

The emergency texts in the form of information have embarrassing revelations about the private life of citizens. Making people remind about washing their hands, and not touch their faces with unwashed hands is a routine exercise but the revelations about extra-marital affairs are sickening.

The texts say, “A woman in 60s has just tested positive.” Also, “Click on the link below for the places she visited.” The embarrassing part is from one of the texts says, “A man in his 50s who returned from Wuhan province of China- where the outbreak started- with his 30-year-old secretary. Both were affected in the early days of the epidemic.”

As citizens mulled over the texts, mixed reactions were observed in the society, as the dark side of the patients was shown naked. Many among such incidents, were one in which a woman in her 60s went to work after discharged from the hospital which she claims she sustained in Car Accident. Whereas, a woman in her 30s has committed insurance fraud after tested positive for Covid-19, which of course she denied when asked about.

The things are worsening as people levying false accusations that are undue and unjust, on the tested patients because of the texts the officials are sharing. The texts are affecting the business of restaurants and shops, in which the infected people have said to have visited. However, the patients have been numbered as Patient, Patient2 and so on…, which has prevented their identity. The restaurants’ owners are worried that they may be pulled off from businesses due to their restaurant’s names been displayed on the Health Officials emergency text list.