Amid the Coronavirus cases skyrocketing across the Globe, South Korea’s number rises to 1595

South Korea confirmed 334 new cases on Thursday 27th Feb 2020 bringing the total no of cases to 1595 as suggested by Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC). The US State Department warned citizens to abstain from travel logs to South Korea also postponing the joint military drill as well. The country’s first-ever daily hike rate of confirmed cases of the pandemic. The death toll to date is 13. There are 28500 US War Troops stationed in South Korea to fight against North Korea. The South Korean military has detected 21 infections. In light of the existing circumstances, the joint military exercises are delayed.
The KCDC confirmed the Korean air flight is infected with 31 reported cases. The flight attendant with coronavirus has serviced 400 flights to and fro from Seoul. It is reported that the Korean flight attendant has been on flight Korean Air KE958 routed from Israel to Incheon. Whereas later on, she was on flights KE017 and KE012 to and fro from Los Angeles. Around 30 members in crew self-quarantined for 14 days.
The passenger boarding from South Korea to Israel or many Asian Nations has denied entry in those countries. The US centers have given travel warnings to South Korea. After China, South Korea has rapidly increasing cases of Coronavirus. The outbreak is mostly in the fourth biggest city of Daegu, in particular, the religious sect cases have lion’s share. Also, the company of the largest production of smartphones and computer chips is grasping the nettle of this capable catastrophic event.