Some drugs can be sold without a prescription

Some drugs can be sold without a prescription

The government plans to introduce a UK-wide legalized bill that will make a wider range of professionals capable of prescribing “low-risk” medicines in the NHS.

The government has stated that it will provide a legal allowance for a wider range of healthcare professionals in the NHS to prescribe “low-risk” medicines.

The specific legislation was included in the 2019 Queen’s Speech, which was delivered on 14 October 2019, and the government briefing notes on the speech which said new Medicines and Medical Devices Bill would let the government increase the range of professions capable of prescribing low-risk medicines to make the most effective use of the NHS workforce.

It will also support the development of a more innovative way of dispensing medicines, which was recommended by scientific experts, the government stated.

The proposed new bill would extend to the whole of the UK, according to the notes. However, leaders in the Welsh pharmacy sector have already instructed every pharmacy in Wales to initiate a pharmacy independent prescriber by 2030 as a part of its long-term plan for the profession.

Reacting on the proposed legislation, Sandra Gidley, president at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, stated that there is already a wide range of health professionals who can prescribe.

Rather than expanding formularies to other people, it would seem to make much more sense to think about why some people aren’t becoming prescribers at the moment and what are the barriers that might be, she said.