Snake venom to cure cancer?

Swiss doctor quoted “Does makes the poison”, stating that the amount of concentrate in the body decided if the substance is toxic or not, but according to the recent development from the University of North Colorado, small amounts of snake venom every day can help cure cancer one day. During the research, scientists were very intrigued to see that every kind of venom has a different effect on different cancer cells, his group made a discovered that the poison isolated from Indian snake venom had effects on a certain type of colon cancer cells in the lab.

Mackessy, head of the research team conversed on how certain amalgams from snake venom are capable of inducing programmed cell death, or apoptosis. But for the further development of snake venom into a cure, the most essential factor is to check whether it just affects the cancer cell and does not impact the regular (healthy) cell.

The University of North Colorado team tested compounds called disintegrins from copperhead snakes on mice that suffered through breast cancer. They discovered that the treated mice did not further develop any new tumors at the same rate as the mice who were not injected with disintegrins. The treated mice also had smaller tumors compared to non-treated mice. Mackessy specified his group is considering obtaining disintegrins from different kinds of rattlesnakes and vipers.

Even though obtained results from the university lab are encouraging, more investigation is required before snake venom compounds are arranged to be tested in human cancer patients.