Smart wearables kingpin around healthcare

Smartwear technologies have been the fastest growing market for nearly a decade now, the market today accounts for $64 Billion wearable technology industry, and according to the latest research healthcare wearable is accounted to grow over to $19.7 billion by the year 2024. The upcoming Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2020 in San Jose, is believed to identify and access the opportunity in healthcare wearable industry and would enable a new wave of medical wearable devices.

The presenters of the Healthcare Sensors Innovations have expressed how delighted they are, due to the fact that the keynote presentations would be from Starkey hearing Technologies, Medtronic, GE research, Medtronic and Google. The event explored the new form of printed electronics to shed a light on how it has unleashed medical device companies from the solid rigid electronics to be able to provide flexible, wearable and comfortable stretchable sensors, the best example of this being the electronic skin patch that continuously helps monitoring the patient.

The event also features presentations and exhibitions of the prototypes from organizations leveraging cutting-edge materials in printed or in the conventional form which are being used to create new proficiencies of biosensors to permit point of care sensors. The destination for Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2020 is very strategically chosen to be San Jose, California, for the reason that healthcare organizations have been working on establishing a presence in silicon valley as this is the destination where two worlds of life sciences and electronics intersect, creating the opportunities, and solving the challenges that the modern world face, the region creates opportunity for continuous monitoring of the innovations