SIRION Biotech to Take part in the Mega Global Business Talks

SIRION Biotech GmbH announced that it will be participating in the mega global conferences being held in October. They claim to offer comprehensive ways of clinical studies. They will present on the 2nd and 4th of October at the cell and gene meeting, focusing on the Mesa. They will also host an exhibition at the European Biotech and Pharma Partnering Conference on the 8th of October in Osaka, Japan, followed by many other exhibitions in Spain.

The Mesa Cell & Gene Meeting is the leading annual conference of industry leaders and decision-makers hosted by the Partnership for Regenerative Medicine in the field to support state-of-the-art medicine research.

The Osaka Conference on European Biotech and Pharma Partnerships offer business contacts for industry experts seeking potential EU and Japanese partners to ensure sustainable business development and growth. The Barcelona ESGCT Annual Conference, which is being held in Barcelona by European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, supports the growth, exchange of information and technology, as well as the technical advisors to stakeholder communities and regulatory bodies across the European Union, in gene therapy, cell and genetic vaccine fundamental and clinical investigation. At this meeting, SIRION will exhibit at the INTERNATIONAL Convention center in Barcelona at level P2, booth 20.

SIRION Biotech established a generation of viral vector technology for gene & cell therapy, as well as the production of vaccines, in 2005, in Martinsried near Munich, Germany.

In order to facilitate its partners ‘ drug innovations, SIRION develops new viral therapy vectors and uses patented systems of technology focused on lentil, adeno and adeno-associated viruses. Transduction Reagent LentiBOOST TM from SIRION is involved in improving the hematopoietic cell transduction in clinical trials, among other issues. NextGen AAV capside development projects aim at targeting the tissues and immune capsids to accelerate gene therapy companies ‘ next generation.