Significant market for Swiss companies in China, says the top official

China is a very significant export and investment market for Switzerland, attracting big numbers of Swiss small and medium-sized enterprises keen to expand their businesses as well as pursue possibilities for collaboration, a senior Swiss diplomat said.
He added that in the first half of this year, jewelry and watches were the fastest-growing Swiss exports to China. More than 1,000 Swiss businesses are currently investing in the Chinese market. In China’s healthcare as well as the medical equipment industry, Morath saw enormous potential for collaboration, supporting the aging population of the country. Preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing can also draw on the extensive logistics and infrastructure experience of Switzerland.
Swiss businesses have been ramping up investments in the Chinese economy in recent years. Schindler Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of elevators as well as escalators, said it will continue to provide long-term state-of-the-art technology and equipment to China.
China and Switzerland have achieved exceptional innovation accomplishments. In 2013, Switzerland signed a free trade contract with China, the first free trade pact between China and a mainland European nation.
In 2016, the two nations created an innovative strategic partnership and committed to deepening financial and commercial collaboration. Morath said that Chinese companies have also invested in the drone, economic, solar and laser industries in Switzerland. He’s bullish about future investment opportunities.
Switzerland is a major center for studies and innovation. Many of the country’s renowned universities have a wealthy talent pool along with powerful research and development skills in these areas.
Wang Wei of the China Institute of International Studies said that Swiss investment in China focuses primarily on the fields of electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, chemical as well as food industries in coastal regions and unique financial regions.