• SESTO Robotics is progressing with Europe Expansion.
  • It is targeting Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.
  • SESTO Robotics is going to provide AMR solutions for smart manufacturing in European healthcare sector and pharmaceutical sector.

Singapore’s first and leading autonomous mobile robot company SESTO Robotics has expanded (and is still expanding) to Europe. In a partnership with the Germany-based automation specialist Baumüller, SESTO Robotics is going to bring its flagship Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) SESTO Magnus to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. SESTO is offering AMR solutions focused on smart manufacturing in Europe.

Magnus has been designed and made in Singapore. It is useful for navigation in space-scarce facilities. It can travel autonomously through spaces as narrow as 0.9 metres wide and avoid obstacles in its path. Its bi-directional, same-speed capability allows the AMR to reverse out of dead ends. Hence, there is no need to perform a spot turn.

Ang Chor-Chen, the Chief Executive of SESTO Robotics, told media that through partnership with Baumüller, SESTO Robotics would bring Singapore-designed AMR solution to the healthcare sector, manufacturing sector, and pharmaceutical sector in Europe. With Magnus, Baumüller would help businesses to automate material transportation for a wide variety of applications that would include intralogistics, diagnostic technology, machine assembly, and testing.

Baumüller is getting AMRs only from SESTO Robotics. Baumüller is in the business of offering a comprehensive suite of intelligent hardware solutions and software solutions to help businesses implement customized automation solutions at every point of a machine’s lifecycle. This company offers different services including systems engineering, after-sales service, and condition monitoring.

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