Sealing of closed partnership between SkyCell and AirBridgeCargo Airlines for all types of temperature-controlled containers of SkyCell

An agreement has been signed between SkyCell and AirBridgeCargo Airlin for every type of temperature-controlled containers of the SkyCell. This sealing of close partnership will further strengthen it. AirBridgeCargo Airlines is a renowned provider of transportation of pharmaceutical products by air. With its ground-breaking solutions for container, SkyCell which is a Switzerland-based company has become one of the most famous producer and service suppliers of of temperature-controlled containers for pharma Companies. With their sealed partnership, the two companies have intended to meet the increasing demand in the shipment of pharmaceutical products. At AirBridgeCargo Airlines, the international volume for such high-valued shipments doubled over in 2019 to an estimate 3.5K tons.

The Deputy General Director at AirBridgeCargo Airlines, Fedor Novikov passed the following statement: “With the temperature-controlled containers of SkyCell we have been able to increase the overall number of exceptional packaging solutions regarding cold-chain which are projected at embracing all the prominent manufacturers for catering to the customer’s needs. The enablement of data collection by SkyCell reinforces our intention to go further with the penetration of IoT into the industry and move away from the sharing of peer-to-peer data for the transparency and availability of information. Most importantly, it nurtures an additional piece of mind for our consumers to have actual time data in a single click.”

The temperature-controlled containers of SkyCell have the capability of keeping the inner temperature of packages within the range of 2 degree to 8 degree and 15 degree to 25 degree Celsius in the condition where the external temperature ranges from negative 35 degree Celsius to positive 65 degree Celsius for meeting the requirements of many pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as, the logistics companies which are engaged in intricate transportation process.