Sanders plans to lead a Canadian Caravan to get cheaper medicines than in the US & blatantly defends ‘Medicare for all’

Bernie Sanders who is a Democratic presidential candidate defended ‘Medicare-for-all’ campaign blatantly against critics who opposed to wipe out private health insurance, while making an announcement about plans to lead a caravan to Canada to purchase cheaper medicine than available in the United States.

The speech of Sander was billed in Washington as an opportunity for confronting the Democratic opponents of Medicare-for-all,’ challenge the drug industry and insurance & call on Democrats to bind together around the policy.

The Democratic-socialist, speaking at George Washington University, called it an international embarrassment that the US does not guarantee health care to all its citizens. He laid aside the concern that a single-payer system such as ‘Medicare-for-all’ would culminate private health care plans.

He stated that he has never a single person who loves their insurance firm. He added that he surely had met several people who loved their nurses & doctors and had a very good experience in their hospitals.

Under his plan, Sanders claimed, patients could still go to their doctors & hospitals but they would no longer have to deal with rip-off insurance firms.

During the speech, he stated that within 2 weeks he intends to lead a group of Americans with type I diabetes on a bus trip to Canada to buy insulin at lower prices than available in the US.

The drive of the trip, he said, is to tell the pharma industry their greed is soon going to end, that under ‘Medicare-for-all’ there will be a cap for what people will have to pay for medicine & that we’re going to significantly, and he stressed on the word ‘significantly’, lower prescription drug costs in America.

He said that we are exhausted from getting ripped off.

In his speech, he called on his Democratic opponents to reject campaign donations from the insurance & drug industries.