Delta variant was first discovered in India in December 2020. This is the most worrisome strain as it has multiple mutations. These mutations give it an advantage over other strains. The biggest advantage due to these mutations is that the Delta variant is more transmissible as compared to other strains. This strain is circulating globally and has already spread to 98 countries. The office for National statistics in UK suggested that one person in every 540 individuals is affected by the Delta virus strain.

The Delta virus infections has raised in the UK which has led to a spike in the number of cases and also preventing the relaxation of lockdown restrictions. As per the statistics, 75,953 cases of Delta were sequenced in the UK and around 2,853 cases were identified by June s14. This is just the number of spotted cases not the actual number of cases present. Experts believe that it has spread so massively in such a short span of time because of the large number of travellers coming into UK. Another reason would be that the virus has entered UK when the lockdown restrictions were being relaxed. They also mentioned that the rate of infected people is much stable in adults over the age of 35. The increase in number of cases is amongst the younger generation, where majority of population is unvaccinated. These groups are now invited for vaccination. It is a relief to see that the rate of hospitalisation and the death rate are not same. They are continuously monitoring the vaccination programme and following all the guidelines to save more lives.

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