Rhyming of the Education with the interface of EuroPCR 2019

In the Paris, France on the 24th of May 2019, a total of 11,206 people who partook from over a 120 countries showed up at the thirtieth edition of the EuroPCR, which is the official meeting conducted by the European Association for Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI). Apart from these, an extra number of 4,700 people online who were basically online learners connected to watch the complete selection of the session which was made available to the views live as well as online.

After gathering all the members of the community from across the world, the leading course of the world in the interventional cardiovascular medicine has just reached the closure in Paris.

During the course of 4 days, 5 statements from PCR were made regarding the primary issues in which there are vital new or contentious results.

Latest developments and the fresh data from the internationally recognized trials were launched at the EuroPCR 2019 during the trial sessions which were hotline as well as late-breaking. Amongst these releases, the following were extremely expected:

MitraClip implantation followed by the Mitral regurgitation: the relationship between the functional and clinical outcomes and the residual mitral regurgitation from the trials of COAPT which were presented by S.Kar.

Substudy of the International leaders: the complex long lesions, bifurcation, and the multivessel i.e. PCI into the Ticagrelor monotherapy disclosed by the P.W Serruys

Affected through the skin  edge-to-edge reparation for tricuspid regurgitation: the key outcomes from the TRILAMINATE clinical experiments displayed  by G. Nickenig

There were several studies which were presented at the EuroPCR were at the same time been published in the Journal of EuroIntervention & multiple great impact factor Journals inclusive of the Circulation, Cardiovascular Interventions, European Heart Journal as well as JACC and the JAMA Cardiology.